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Superior Concrete Tiny Houses award-winning designs fit the consumer's living needs and price point.

Home Designs

Once you make the decision to move into a tiny home, Superior Concrete Tiny Houses provides a range of options to help make the house your own. From the size and amenities to whether the home should be mobile or built on a fixed foundation, our design team will work with you to customize the tiny home to your specifications.

  • cleburne_featured

    The Cleburne Ranchette

    A luxurious custom, 600-square-foot modular precast tiny house finished in a carefree rustic ranch style, is full of the popular features found in full-size homes.

  • chisholmTrail_featured

    The Chisholm Trail Cabin

    A spacious 375-square-foot two-bedroom home is built on a steel frame trailer. This home can also be built on an engineered concrete foundation.

  • colorado_featured-1

    The Colorado Cool

    The first Superior Brick™ towable precast concrete tiny home designed for ease of relocation, is a 200-square-foot modular house built on a strong, gooseneck trailer.

  • spur_featured

    The Big Spur
    Micro Cabin

    At 150-square-foot, this house includes all the comforts needed for tiny home living.

  • california_featured-1

    The California Shed

    Efficient and roomy, this 150-square-foot shed can be customized for many uses.

  • sydney_featured

    Sydney’s Stable

    Large and versatile, this building can be scaled for full-size homes, barns and more.

Superior Concrete Tiny Houses gives new meaning to living large in a small, energy-efficient, steel-reinforced footprint.

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Tiny House Blueprints