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Superior Concrete Tiny Houses has been a leader in the modular precast construction business for more than 30 years. The company has a staff of engineers and architects on hand to help design, engineer and build the tiny home you envision.



No doubt about it, Superior Concrete Tiny Houses builds unique tiny homes that are designed to last.

Below are some answers to some frequently asked questions that will give you additional information on our company.

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Superior Concrete Tiny Houses is strategically located in the middle of the United States – in the heart of the Dallas-Fort Worth business corridor. An affiliate of Superior Concrete Products, Superior Concrete Tiny Houses is owned and operated by Todd Sternfeld from the company’s corporate offices in Euless, Texas.
Superior Concrete Tiny Houses is actually an affiliate of a well-known and established business – Superior Concrete Products, which has been in business for more than thirty years.
We make Superior Concrete Tiny Houses out of precast concrete because when concrete is made the right way, it is the most durable building material in the market, literally lasting forever.
Utilizing a proprietary modular post and panel system, the construction techniques differ substantially from traditional wood frame structures. With traditional construction, you must build a frame to support the interior and exterior walls. With precast concrete construction, the posts and panels make up the external structure of the building.
The average thickness of a Superior Concrete Tiny House panel is 2 inches. These precast panels are 5,000 PSI concrete reinforced with galvanized steel and fiber mesh.
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All Superior Concrete Tiny Houses can be built on conventional engineered concrete foundations. Some of the smaller models can be mounted on wheeled axles so they can be moved from place to place.
Yes, Superior Concrete Tiny Houses makes mobile precast homes mounted on axles. In fact, the 200-square-foot Colorado Cool was specifically designed and outfitted on a rugged gooseneck trailer so that it can be towed from place to place for homeowners on the go.
In a word yes. Precast concrete is an extremely durable building product that doesn’t break down in the face of harsh sunlight, wind, damp or freezing weather conditions. Superior Concrete carefully manages the production process, and reinforces all of the precast components of our tiny houses, so you can feel confident that the integrity of your tiny home won’t be eroded by rot or rust or harsh weather conditions. And, since our panels are subjected to wind load testing, we use construction techniques that make your tiny house stand up to storms that cause other homes to buckle.
No, the exterior of Superior Concrete Tiny Houses is made out of gravel, sand and cement, so there is no need to worry about damage from termites, wood-boring beetles or carpenter ants.
Yes, insurance costs are typically lower for homes that have flame retardant exteriors and a lower square footage. In addition, because of the design and wind load factor of Superior Concrete Tiny Houses, they are more stable in high wind conditions that other types of manufactured homes. All of these factors combine to help lower insurance rates. Given that insurance rates vary widely across the country; it is always best to consult with your insurance agent to get specific details on the appropriate level of coverage for your tiny home.
In many cases there is a tax benefit to owning a Superior Concrete Tiny House. The reason lies in how municipalities define real versus personal property. Since many taxing authorities treat these small dwellings as personal property – especially if they are mounted on axles, they do not charge property taxes on the value of the tiny home. Laws are changing, so be sure to check with your local appraisal district to determine the tax status of your tiny home.
Superior Concrete Tiny Houses gives new meaning to living large in a small, energy-efficient, steel-reinforced footprint.

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